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Volume II, 1910-1922
The Coming of the Train, volume II, continues the saga of the building of the Hoosac Tunnel and the Wilmington and Deerfield River Railroads with the completion of the Deerfield River Railroad, and the changes these railroads brought to the surrounding communities. In it the author has captured the courage, determination and vision of the people who helped build our country during this rapid unfolding of the Industrial Revolution, as experienced in the upper Deerfield River Valley. He writes with the authenticity that only meticulous research of original documents and correspondence can bring.

This volume details:

  • The completion of the Deerfield River Railroad

  • The development and tremendous expansion of the logging industry, pulping and paper mills

  • The hydro-electric development of the Deerfield River and the building of the Somerset dam

  • The change from narrow gauge to standard gauge

  • The electrification of the Hoosac Tunnel.

  • The industrial complex secreted in the sleepy village of Sherman

  • The Readsboro chair company and the National Metal Edge Box Company of Readsboro, VT

  • The growth of industries in Wilmington, VT

The Coming of the Train, Volume II, is a beautiful, color, hardcover book printed on 8” by 10” eighty pound, matte paper. It contains:

  • 524 pages

  • 520 photos, 69 sketches, and news clips, plus other ephemera

  • 40 maps, including plot plans of the industries at Readsboro and Mountain Mills and track plans for the HT&W. Most are original and never before published.

  • 12 reference tables and scanned documents

  • Appendix

  • Index of maps, tables and text with over 700 entries

The Coming of the Train, Volume II, will also be available in the form of a leather bound, limited edition. This very special production will conform to the following specifications:

  • The edition will be limited to 100 copies

  • Each book will be signed by the author

  • Each volume will be bound in Calf Grain Cromwell leather, navy blue with gold foil

  • Printed on add free paper

  • Integral blue ribbon bookmark

  • Edges of pages to be gilded

  • Available only on the web site

  • $149.95 + $7.50 S&H

The Coming of the Train has been written with the cooperation of many individuals, the Massachusetts and Vermont state archives and the following historical societies, libraries and museums:

  • Historical Society of Wilmington, VT

  • Library of Congress

  • Martha Canfield Public Library at Arlington, VT

  • Monroe, MA Historical Society

  • Pettee Memorial Library at Wilmington, VT

  • Pocumtuck Valley Museum at Old Deerfield, MA

  • Readsboro, VT Historical Society

  • Rowe, MA Historical Society

  • Rowe, MA Public Library

  • Smithsonian Institution

  • Vermont Archaeological Society

  • Vermont Historical Society

  • Vermont Law Reference Library

  • Whitingham, VT Historical Society

Scholors, rail fans, hobbyists and modelers, logging enthusiasts and those with a general interest in the economic development of the United States, will find this book to be a deeply satisfying read.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a copy of this groundbreaking book of New England and railroad history. See the back page for ordering information.


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